Dr. Ulrich Herleb

New Business Development Manager


Dr. Ulrich Herleb’s educational background is in Physics. He studied at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany and did his diploma thesis at the chair of Prof. Christiansen working on high power plasma discharge switches and in laser physics.

For his PhD research work in the field of particle and plasma physics he went to CERN in Switzerland

Dr. Herleb has 20 years of experience in the semiconductor and printed electronics industry. After five years with Applied Materials, he joined Brewer Science in 2003 were he first became an expert in semiconductor front end processes and materials.

Over the years he has worked in different areas within Brewer Science and is currently supporting the growth of the printed electronics devices business unit. Since then he has gained a lot of experience in printed electronics, working with experts from universities and industrial partners. He has launched and lead various printed electronics projects between the industry and Brewer Science. He has been speaking at different conferences and has been representing Brewer Science at numerous trade shows.

His career took him around the world with longer stops in the US and Taiwan.

Intervention : Title: “Printed Sensors: Possibilities & Applications” Summary: The number of connected sensors in the IoT world is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years. For many future applications, sensing devices must be ultralow-power, flexible, lightweight, and printable on a variety of substrates and in different form factors. Applications range from medical devices, gaming, wearables, and industrial monitoring. Brewer Science, a global technology leader, has developed a suite of innovative sensors and devices with a unique set of features. We will introduce a new way of sensing technology.

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