Brief about OPE

Organic & Printed electronics are conductive polymers and inks that can be printed onto foil, paper, glass, or fabrics, across large areas and at a low cost. 

Compared to conventional electronics, these organic & electronic components offer a number of benefits: They are extremely thin, flexible and transparent.

Printed electronics are already present in our everyday lives and this can be seen in the integration of a number of PE applications as standard in the automotive industry, e.g., printed antennas, occupancy sensors integrated into seats and automatic anti-dazzle rear view mirrors. Another example are test strips in the pharmaceutical industry.

Printed electronics are also used in solar cells, sensors, keyboards, and displays, thereby turning simple products into smart objects. Still in the development phase but technically feasible are luminous wallpapers or smart food packaging that allows continuous tracking of the cold chain. Organic photovoltaic cells that can cover entire building facades offer a fresh, new impetus for the energy sector.

Automotive Industry

Printed electronic is already well established in the automotive industry. They are for example used as sensors or dimming elements in lighting applications. Their importance is only set to increase, with printed electronics being incorporated into applications ranging from operating elements and ADAS to ambient lighting.


OPV, printed energy storage, batteries.

Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics industry is one of the largest industrial sectors to see a surge in the use of printed electronics. This innovative technology is used in e-reader, smartphone and tablet displays, they turn clothing and accessories into smart wearables and they make devices easier to use with the help of touch sensors.

Printing & Packaging

There are a number of particularly good examples of printed electronics in action in the printing and packaging industry, especially in the advertising and print media sector. Magazines, packaging and posters can be designed to be interactive, by including lighting effects and sensors as well as connectivity to data networks.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

From smart hospital shirts to interactive packaging for drugs, the medicine and pharmaceuticals industry is one of the main industry players injecting inspiration into the development of printed electronics.

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