Message from Founder & Chairman

Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,

The UAE has realized many records over the past few years at various fields; the first UAE –made satellite launch, Dubai Airports reaching to 1 Billion Passengers and Burj Khalifa for being the highest tower in the world are few of many other remarkable achievements that wouldn’t have been achieved it weren’t for the visionary leadership of their Highnesses the Ruling leaders of the UAE. The ultimate objective was and always will be to achieve Developed Smart City and citizens’ happiness.

Hosting the conference in Dubai reflects the city’s pioneering role in the Middle East and North Africa region and is aligned with the UAE leadership’s vision of the future. Hence, the idea of organizing this conference will help form a solid foundation for Dubai and contribute to making the city a center for innovation and development. It will also ensure that we are on the right track of achieving national, economic diversification.

This important event conducted in Dubai will reinforce its leading position and will contribute in creating a better future. The conference will also support the UAE strategy of industrial revolution that will reinforce the economy using innovation and future technological applications by integrating physical, digital and dynamic technologies. The UAE Energy Strategy will also be realized by employing these advanced manufacturing technologies in providing a sustainable sources of energy that will reflect positively on all other aspects of life in the country.

The Conference will be hosting a number of industry leaders and expertise and will shed light on the latest technological development in the manufacturing of electronic devices and solar panels and other applications that utilizes organic and printed electronics, as well as R&D and the outcome applications of this technology that will help many industries and will have a huge positive impact on human beings and the society.

During the sideline of the conference, Dubai will announce the launch of an Organic & Printed Electronics Association for the MENA region and the membership registration will start from February 2019.

In the aim to change the world to a better place, change should start by each and every one of us. Therefore, during the conference, we will reveal an innovative invention where the Organic & Printed Electronics are employed efficiently to generate the clean energy and advanced technologies.

Thank you for participating in this conference and hoping that you benefit from the shared knowledge and experience brought by our exhibitors and key speakers.

Founder & Chairman of OPE-MENA

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